Magic Precision is ISO 9001 certified.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Magic Precision is proficient in all NADCA standards for die casting.

High-end Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc Die Casting

We provide high quality die casting and contract manufacturing services to global customers, specializing in low to medium volume production orders, from our factories in Taiwan and China.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Services and Single Project Management and Ownership

In addition to die casting, we offer complete manufacturing and post-processing services to simplify our customers' supply chain, such as

so that customers only need to interface with one supplier and enginerring service organization to greatly simplify their supplier management for tight control, high reliability and low overhead.

Over A Decade of Die Casting and Tooling Innovations

We have been serving our international customers since 1998 with innovative die casting and contract manufacturing solutions.

Aluminum Die Casting, Magnesium Die Casting, and Zinc Die Casting

Our unusually wide range of die cast machines (150 ton-2,500 ton) deliver aluminum die casting parts from 2 g to 50 kg (110 lb.) at significantly decreased lead and cycle times with first-piece success.

We operate one of the largest cold-chamber machines for magnesium die casting in Asia. We also operate hot-chamber machines to cover all product requirements.

Our zinc die castings produce high precision parts at lowest material and production costs, including miniature zinc multi-slide die casting production, net-shape, flash-free components at low unit costs and minimum tooling investment.

Lowest Total Cost of Manufacturing for Small to Medium Orders

We own and manage the entire life cycle of a die casting manufacturing project—Design for Manufacturability (DFM) consulting, tooling/part cost, communication efficiency, production logistics, and product quality—to provide the lowest Total Cost of Manufacturing for our customers.

Unmatched Quality and Service Levels

Our experienced engineers directly communicate with North American, European, and Japanese design engineers in English. Our management systems are IS0 9001 certified. We also have sales offices located worldwide—in North America, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong—to assist you easily.